YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick #3

Oh, my. I think I may have fallen in love. With a lipstick.

YSL Rouge Volupté #3 - $34 (Sephora)

I've never been one to spend a significant amount of money on a piece of makeup I didn't think I couldn't get for a cheaper price and not compromise the quality. That usually includes lipsticks, stains, and glosses as I feel like the drugstore has more than great products. However, after dreaming about this beautiful gold packaging and hearing nothing but amazing things about any YSL lipsticks, one may have fallen into my lap Christmas morning.

Before Christmas, when I was looking at the different lipsticks, I knew I wanted a classic and one that I could wear daily. There were so many in this range that it was still hard deciding which I would want. However, one in particular stood out to me in the perfect, yet cliche "your lips but better" category.

A beautifully creamy and pigmented lipstick, #3, is a perfect everyday staple described as a "mauve taupe". Even though the price tag is a bit hefty, I can already tell that it is honestly worth it. While I do think that you can get great lipsticks at low prices at the drugstore, there's something special in this one. It seems extra-buttery and glides onto the lips with no effort. I don't even feel like I need to make sure I prep my lips so much beforehand because I know that it'll slide right on and look nice. Somehow, this color is a bit darker than a normal "my lips but better" shade for me, but it still works and once I've got some nice color in the summer I know it'll look even better. This lipstick leaves a satin-type finish to the lips, with a shiny, healthy look to the lips.

I personally love this lipstick and think it compliments almost any makeup look that you can go for. I can see it being a much used favorite and makeup bag essential for me in the long-future and I can't wait to think about getting my hands on another YSL product sometime soon.


Urban Decay Naked 3

Naked 3 Palette ($52) - Sephora

I'm a bit late to the bandwagon. Not in the sense of owning it, but waiting for forever until I finally posted my review of the new Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! A gorgeous 12-shadow palette, I think UD keeps getting better and better, unlike many of those Hollywood sequel movies that should not have happened (Hangover 3? Eh. Step Up 2, 3, 4? No, thanks.).

In rose-gold packaging, this palette features many shades that seem to be a part of the rose-gold "craze" that so many people love, myself included. Four of the shades are matte -- Strange, Limit, Nooner, Darkside -- while the rest boast beautiful, largely subtle shimmer.

Strange: matte, neutral pale pink
Dust: very shimmery neutral pink with some fine glitter
Burnout: satin-finish rose-gold 
Limit: matte mauve with a neutral undertone

Buzz: very shimmery rose gold with some glitter
Trick: gold/copper-based shimmer
Nooner: matte pink/brown deeper mauve
Liar: mauve/brown shimmer

Factory: brown-based satin
Mugshot: warm taupe shimmer
Darkside: dark taupe/brown satin
Blackheart: warm black with pink shimmer

I am just a huge Urban Decay fan in general so I guess I could come off a little biased when I talk about how much I love this palette. The pigmentation of every shadow is fantastic and you're easily able to create a beautiful neutral day look or amp up something darker for the evening. While I don't think that the rosy eyeshadow shades will look great on every skin tone, I think that there is enough variety that allows this to be an accessible palette for most. The price remains the same as the other two palettes and I'd consider investing in one of the others before this one if you are new to the "Naked" franchise. However, if you have the money and already own the first or second palette, I'd definitely recommend adding this to your collection when you get a chance. 


Sunday Snoozer: 2-9-14

Just going to start this weeks Sunday Snoozer with a PSA that it's now exactly one month until my birthday. Time to start the celebrations?!

Maybe not quite time yet, but it's a scary reminder of how close I am to my last birthday in the teens (which makes me cry a little inside - quarter life crisis!). These past few weeks I've been on Instagram I've had a few exciting things happen: I attended a Jay Z concert, went to brunch at Stefanie's on Newbury, and saw two snowstorms!

The most impressive things in these pictures is definitely the food. If you've ever heard of Boston, chances are someone has talked about the North End which is a little area chalk-full of amazing Italian eateries, and those two macaroons are no exception. Underneath that is a gorgeous little grapefruit from my delicious brunch mentioned above. I wish I had taken more pictures that morning as it was truly so good I'm still thinking about it wistfully 3 weeks later.

The two snowstorms that came through the city are also reflected in these pictures. Although I appear to be happily walking through the snow in that top picture, let it not fool you as I am completely done with winter and ready to take on spring. I'm just so sick of the cold I'm at a point where I feel like I've forgotten what warmth actually is.

In that bottom little corner is my ticket stub to "Wolf of Wall Street" - an absolutely amazing film and once you see it, there's no question why it has been nominated for so many awards. I'm completely cheering on Leo to win the best actor Oscar - I thought his performance was just amazing.

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend, see you next post!


Amazonian Clay 'Natural Beauty' Blush

If you've read my blog for a while, than you know how much I love Tarte, particularly their blushes. Their blush in 'Dollface' has long been one of my all-time favorites and featured in many of my posts. For Christmas, I received another one of their blushes, this time in 'Natural Beauty'. A stunning deep pink/red color, I can't even truly describe how beautiful the color is. Definitely darker than my other blush of theirs, I was a little intimidated at first thinking of how it would look on my paler-than-pale skin tone. However, when I apply this blush, I do so to the backs of my cheeks and work my way forward. Most of the time, you simply apply your blush on the apples of your cheeks, but for a more flushed look you can work your way from the back and with some bronzer, creating a gorgeous glow. With this application technique, the blush looks natural and just like the real flush I'd get from the cold this time of year.

Packaging-wise, Tarte hits it out of the park as it's simply amazing. All of their products have such sturdy, amazing packaging that will always prompt me to bring on vacations as I never have to worry about it. The blush also has a small mirror, which is nice and I love that the outside shows something similar to what the inside is. Retailing at $26 (Sephora), I already can't wait to add yet another to my collection.


Comfy Cozy

Sweater: H&M (similar here)  l  Jeans: American Eagle  l  Boots: Nine West

It's been a long winter and I'm just ready for spring to get here already. Helping me cope through this time, however, has been this huge, cozy cardigan I bought from H&M a few months ago. A pretty powder blue, the sweater keeps me warm even on the coldest of days and looks great with my wine colored scarf. I like to keep it simple on the bottom with a pair of dark skinny jeans and my absolute favorite Nine West black boots.


Sunday Snoozer: 1-12-14

Instagram - HotMessInADress
I know - I started out super strong last week when it came to using Instagram and this week... not so much. I have to say, though, it's probably because I had such a boring week. Work, job interviews, and general business all around as I get ready to head back to school this week! I've also been photographing a ton to have some nice background pictures once I'm at school for posts, which is why there's been a lack thereof on the blog.

My two pictures I did manage to get up on Instagram were of a delicious lunch I had the other day and of my blog designs which also took up a good portion of my time this week! First and foremost, that beautiful picture is of the best veggie burger I've had from a local cafe. I'm not sure what they put on it, but whatever dressing or condiment they put on was absolutely amazing. Like I said, the other picture is showing my design services I'm now offering. You can check out more info by clicking the 'Blog Designs' tab at the top of my blog!

I think that's about it! Like I said, a pretty boring week but lots of errands and catch-ups were done. I'm looking forward to getting back to school on Wednesday and back into a schedule. See you in my next post!


Sunday Snoozer: First Week of 2014

One of my favorite types of posts to read are Sunday posts when a blogger recaps their week, shares pictures, and just generally catches up their readers. I have to admit, I don't always comment on those posts, but I do always ready them. As a bit of a scrapbook, I decided I wanted to set a goal for myself to do one of these every week this year. They'll be informal (just look at the name, "Sunday Snoozer"), but I think it'll be fun to get a more personal glimpse into my life and what I've been doing.

I've been trying to get more active on Instagram as I do enjoy it, but just never post! This week I did great and made 5 posts. We had a huge snowstorm here in Boston (15"!) so I was stuck in the house for the most part. As you can see me in the snow, though, it was fun! Of course, this week was also New Years! I don't go out to anything special except hang out with a group of friends, so the biggest picture to the left is what I wore that night.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend and ready for the start of a new week!